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Nurse Next Door National Home Buying Program has grants and down payment assistance available for nurses, healthcare employees and eligible public service professionals including teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, military and government employees.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions, including what programs are available, eligibility requirements, grants, down payment assistance, first time home buyers and more.

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Nurse Next Door Reviews

What people are saying about Nurse Next Door. Read buyer and press reviews from Facebook, Zillow, Fox News,, certified buyer letters, photos and more.

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First Time Home Buyer Program

Nurse Next Door's first-time home buyer program helps nurses and other eligible public service professionals realize their dream of becoming new home owners. This special program combines grants, down payment assistance and other special benefits for first-time buyers.

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Info for Real Estate Agents

Are you a licensed real estate agent and wanting to help nurses and other public service professionals purchase a home in your community? Become a Preferred Agent today!

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Fresh Start Program

If you have had credit issues preventing you from purchasing a home and would like help getting back on track, Nurse Next Door's Fresh Start program may be able to help.

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